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pls wait for my comeback :)

By Narcissistic Sophia · December 20, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Dear readers, i'll be spending my time studying for my O lvl, pls wait for my come back on end of NOV - DEC~
love you guys lots, and thanks for th support <3

Narcissistic Queen~

By Narcissistic Sophia · September 30, 2011 · 0 Comments ·


A very BIG BIG SORRY to my readers for not updating my blog, as time time round i'm seriously preparing for my final year exam.
Wish me good lucks kays? :)

One Drop Locks Up An Ocean, 一滴锁住整个海洋~
this sentence above is vry familiar right? it's the quote for Hada Labo !!!~ i'm here to introduce Hada Labo SHA (Super Hyaluronic Acid) Cleanser and Lotion, I've been advised by Hada Labo that thr's not a need for me to use their essence or milk as i've got combination and oily skin.
After hearing frm my friends how good and hydrating Hada Labo Lotion is, rather then just hearing i decided to give it a try myself.
And i'm seriously very satisfied by the results as the results were proven IMMEDIATELY after use :)
All Hada Labo products are
- Fragrance Free
- Mineral oil Free
- Alcohol Free
- Colorant Free
- Skin pH balanced
- Low Irritation

How to know if your skin is Dehydrated?~

Do you know the importance of Super Hyaluronic Acid?~


Hada Labo SHA Cleanser~
Does your cleanser give you a tightening feeling after cleansing?
A cleanser that suits your skin should not give you a tightening feeling.
First wet your skin with lukewarm water,
press suitable amount of the cleanser and latter some water on it.
Rub your two palms till it turns into foam like,
cleanse your face by rubbing it in circular motion
and then wash your face with lukewarm water.
And also after cleansing my face is so soft and smooth
like a Baby Ass!!!


Hada Labo SHA Lotion~
Normally lotion refers to moisturizer, but to japanese
lotion is toner, while essence is moisturizer.
It's very true that Hada Labo SHA Lotion sells out
every 4seconds in Japan.
The applications of Hada Labo SHA Lotion is,
pour a few drops on your palm and pat it on your face.
But for me, i'll rub it on my face in circular motion and
pat it to let my face absorb the lotion.
You can feel how hydrating it is after application =)
AND! Hada Labo products are Enviroment Friendly,
no usage of cotton at all. Hands are the tools for applications~


Why is Hada Labo SHA Lotion named as Powerful Water Retainer?~


Here's a clip about Hada Labo SHA Lotion's birth and at the end the way of application is shown~

<object height="350" width="425" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/YAgyeFUh0d4" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="data" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/YAgyeFUh0d4" /> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/YAgyeFUh0d4" /> </object></p>

It even appeared on 女人我最大 !~

<object height="350" width="425" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/SPvWhWdLNIg&feature" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="data" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/SPvWhWdLNIg&feature" /> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/SPvWhWdLNIg&feature" /> </object></p>


Let me show you something cool !!!~

Cute right?! this is Hada Labo SHA travel pack, so convenient
for people who goes travelling.
Currently this travel pack is still not available in Brunei yet,
but you can grab it in any Watson store in Singapore !!!~

Visit Hada Labo Singapore Page to know more about their products !~

Girls, do you perspire alot on your armpit?
Feel shy to raise your hands because ur sleeve at the underneath looks wet after perspiration and also gives out a weird smell after that?
If you have a problem like this, let me introduce you to Nivea Double Effect 24h Underarm Spray !!!~
Hold it 15cm away from your armpit and spray.
It smells great too :)

This is their Liquid Roller version~


Lastly a retarded picture to myself =.=





Being a Beauty = Have To Endure Physical Pain :)

By Narcissistic Sophia · September 11, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Firstly, I've got my blog link changed to http://narcissisticqueen.onsugar.com
I'm sticking to this word Narcissistic for a long time, what does it mean?
Actually Narcissistic is a personality disorder, saying that one is too in love with him/herself over the normal limits.
Obviously I'm in a clear mind set, its just that I desire too much *not too much is what i think i should* for myself, as i think i deserve it and...~
I think I'm a BEAUTY but of cuz not the most beautiful lady in the world, I used to think I'm ugly last time which is perfectly a foolish thought.
I just can't elaborate everything out, you have to know me more by reading my post, I just love myself :)

My title for the day, Being a Beauty = Have To Endure Physical Pain :)
There's a pharse in Chinese, 爱美是要付出代价的 (There's a consequence to pay if you want beauty), and normally the consequence in exchange is suffering Physical Pain !!!~ I'm sure no one disagree with this right?

Ok back to the topic, finally the job of getting my teeth fixed starts!!!
I had 3 decay teeth!!! My Right Wisdom Tooth, Left Side tooth and my Front Tooth =.=
And I think it's so SHITTY when I laugh and talk , cuz everyone can see my Front Tooth which is discoloured abit black-ish as when i was 12, SOMEONE accidentally threw a HUGE STONE at me and hit my teeth ==
and after years, it became worst n worst~
Main culprit who causes this is Melvin Lim & Derek Yap, my two great buddy and those few who played the stone game with them !!!~
My back teeth was actually not the threat cuz no one can see it right, but as day passes the hole is getting bigger and I can feel the pricking pain when I drink cold drinks so I decide to get them fixed to match up with my pretty face ^^

And because I've got 3 teeth to deal with, the Dentist says We have to divide it into 4-5sessions and of course we have to take steps slowly. I'm paying big money for this so he should not let me down!
I got my Right Wisdom Tooth plucked out on Wednesday 7th Sept 2011, timing around 3pm++ after the X-rays and and explanations of what they are going to do to my teeth in this 4-5session.
Let me reveal the price to you~
It cost me BND/SGD$130 to only get my Right Wisdom Tooth plucked out, and the price actually didn't amaze me that much. Because, during the process I COULDN'T FEEL ANY PAIN AT ALL! As I told him to make sure that it doesn't hurt so he injected anesthesia 4 times into my gum, it seems a little psychotic to say this, but then I kinda enjoy the feeling when the dentist inject anesthesia into my gum =p So I think it worth this price~
Here are some pics after I had my Right Wisdom Tooth plucked out :~

I know, it's seriously disgusting with all the blood n bits of gums
sticking onto the tooth ><
*sorry for the low quality as during the process i was thinking too much of
how painful its gonna be so i started shivering in fear =.=*

How disgusting of me to request that I want to bring it home,
and the assistant placed it in a nice plastic.
There you can see the decay part~

Took this outside the detal clinic~
It's abit swollen if you look closely, and when I bite onto the cotton,
it seemed like I've got punched but someone =.=
*I actually felt happy, cuz I'm soon gonna have a beautiful set of teeth*

And when I reached home, I wanted to change the cotton as I can feel
that it couldn't absorb anymore blood.
The moment I spit the cotton out I can taste BLOOD!!!
So I spit the blood into the basin and quickly insert a new one~
I took 4days to stop the bleed completely,
the 3rd&4th day was just like blood stain.


My next appointment is on next Wednesday, 14th Sept 2011, 2.30pm and I'm gonna get my Left Side Teeth plucked out, i'm not sure about the cost of my next appointment so i think i'll reveal it in my next post. After that they're gonna start the Root/Canal Treatment for my front teeth as you know, the front teeth is unique and I don't intend to get it plucked off because I seriously object to let a fake tooth appear in my life if things are not that worse. So they gonna kill all the nerves in the front teeth, and proceed with Crowning~
The price for the Crowning+Root Treatment is BND/SGD$800 and I hope it's worthy, we shall see the results after the 4-5 time sessions ^^
And I'm gonna have braces on back in my hometown, Singapore~ and I know it gonna hurts from the experience from my fellow friends.
Well, I've to endure and sacrifice for good looks!~
I'm sorry that I couldn't post the name of the dentist and the clinic name out as its a law violations for doctors to have advertisement,
but you can ask me through my Facebook or personally for those who knows me :)

I know it's kinda too late, as this happened on 2th Sept 2011 and I admit I was LAZY!
Here some pics I took with Sophia Chia&Kuoh Lien during the outing on Baby Joey's birthday:~

Had our late lunch at KFC !!!~ It's the combination of the food we ordered,
and of cuz I don't eat this much~

Kuoh Lien was complaining about how I hold my chicken drumstick =.=
He say we should use all the 5 fingers to grab hold of it,
since we're getting our hands washed later on~

I wonder what is Sophia Chia looking at~

Me and Lian Lian, after washing our hands~
as the tap is running too slow in KFC!

They became good friends on that day :)

I'm so fucking guilty about that day, the both of them was just accompanying me to shop around for my stuffs and I asked them if it's boring and they replied Nope to me with a smiley face.. Guilty Max~

I bought this Lip&Eye makeup remover tissue from Holika Holika!

Nice designed plastic bag~

Bought the Eye-liner Brush and Eyelash Curler from,
Etude House :)





Ads&Sponsor :~

Big Lens Sponsored By, Enchanted Lens ..~

By Narcissistic Sophia · September 4, 2011 · 0 Comments ·


Here to introduce, I'm wearing Big Lens from Enchanted Lens~
They're my sponsor for Lens :)
They're reliable and very efficiency,
price of big lens is the most cheapest I've ever seen!
As expensive as BND$14!~
They're selling Super Barbie, I.Fairy, GEO & EOS Lens.
Not to worry, their lens have got FDA & ISO approval~
Grab it fast !!!
*Click on my picture above to contact them through Facebook*

This is their beautiful owner :)

Lens that I received from Enchanted Lens ..~

See~ they even pack it nicely for you, so sweet.

After putting on the lens ..~

Wish for nothing, but the BEST ..~

By Narcissistic Sophia · August 28, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

my pic above pretty right? hehes look like japanese right? i'm so lazy to change into a better dress, if not i'll surely look more nice in the pic! =p
Recently i'm so into japanese fashion, while last time i'm more into korean fashion.. did you notice my PINKY lips? Japanese girls like to use candy colour for their face and lip makeup, kawaii ne! hahas :)

What I ate for breakfast today?
My Favourite Beancurd, Dou Hua serving hot~
Yum Yum !!!~

Follow by Kolo Mee~

like seriously, i've never eaten this type of Kolo Mee before ==
No taste, not much ingredients and comes along with bitter veggie!
So I only ate a few mouth of the Mee,
and finish tat 2 wanton and few pieces of Char Siew..
Don't want to waste food, so in the end ..
Credit goes to my dog Brandy, finishing everything up for me~
Cute right? ^.<


What's the first thing you do when you reach home after a long day out? Remove your makeup immediately?
I'm sure most of you are like me, the moment I step into my house I would head up to my room and on the water heater. While waiting for the water to turn warm, I would spend 15-20mins lying on my comfy bed! Sometimes!!!! I would accidentally doze off =.= And imagine, I have makeup on my face !!!~
But after I found this, the fright of dozing off with makeups on my face is not a threat anymore =)
Herb Day Cotton,
Perfect Cleansing Wipes With Tea Tree~

This cleansing wipe is really useful, it deep clean pores and remove excess sebum while removing your makeup and the Purifying Tea Tree helps to control blemishes while it cleanses and clears pores. And it also smell nice with the Tea Tree scent!~ I purchased them at $12.90 from The Faceshop.
Whenever I'm waiting for the water heater to warm the water, I would lie on my bed to relax awhile and just pull the wipes out from the pack and wipe my face to remove my makeup. Easy right? Not to even be scared of that you doze off and the makeup clots in your pores.

Not forgetting to cam-whore, Narcissistic Queen is me :~

Plastic/Facial Surgery is another way of bringing out Self-Confident :)

By Narcissistic Sophia · August 25, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

was suppose to post this update yesterday, but i wonder wad happened the moment i click on 'post', everything just disappeared! wasted my effort and bringing disappointment to my readers who are looking forward towards this post !!!!! it's okay, i'll play safe this time by saving it :D

recently have the urge to have Plastic/Facial Surgery. It's named Liposuction meaning removal of excess fats from your body, but the one I'm wanting to do is Chin Liposuction. Why I want a Chin Liposuction so badly? Imagine I weight 45kg but with a Double Chin? RIDICULOUS !!!!!
Mum introduced me a reputable plastic surgeon from Thailand,Bangkok who differently did Liposuction for Mum and Nose,Lip&Chin Plastic Surgery for Xiao-yi(my aunt, mum's younger sister~) OUCH!
And amazingly they look good after the surgery even till now, they had their surgery done for around 3years and more!
Let me tell you more about Chin Liposuction~

Chin Liposuction Procedure~
During submental or chin liposuction, small incisions, approximately 1quarter inch long, are made under the chin and a hollow tube called a cannula is inserted into the fatty tissue. *this is not the painful part, the painful part is when the needle is pulled out and when you're bathing the water touches your wound ><!*
<span style="font-size: small;"> The liposuction cannula is then connected to a vacuum unit and a doctor will move the cannula under the skin while the vacuum sucks away excess fat from the chin and neck.
The process normally need about 30-90mins, depending the area covered.

Risk On Any Liposuction!
</span>Excessive liposuction, where too much fatty tissue is removed at once can result in toxicity and in the patients skin having an uneven and even lumpy appearance. This can cause nausea, excessive pain, bruising, swelling, wound healing in slow speed, skin irregularities and depressions, blood clots and injury to abdominal organs.
Because of its risk so the cost of Chin Liposuction is not cheap either, as cheap as SGD&BND$2000 as expensive as SGD&BND$20,000 ..~

Friends are advising me not to do it, but try out vigorous exercises to burn away the fats in the double chin. But I make a deal saying if after my O's and my double chin is still there no matter how hard i try working out, then i'll definitely go for Chin Liposuction. And cute Teerak says, he will punch the plastic surgeon! So cute right? =p

Take a look at the Before& After pic of Chin Liposuction:~

Now it's time for Double Eyelid Surgery/Blepharoplasty, this is posted to let people who wants to get Double Eyelid Surgery/Blepharoplasty.
Generally, Asians are the one who does Double Eyelid Surgery/Blepharoplasty. About 50% of the Asians are born with Single Eyelid!
Korea is the so called Blepharoplasty Heaven~ because most of the korean ladies have their eyelid stitched or cut into Double Eyelid *Luckily i'm born with double eyelid, if not i think i'll one of the Blepharoplasty patient ;D* but seriously if you want to have your Plastic Surgery done in any parts of your body, Korea is the place you can consider to have your surgery done..~

There are 2 main techniques for double eyelid surgery. They are divided into stitching and cutting techniques.
Stitching Techniques make use of minimally invasive procedure to secure the eyelid skin to the tarsal plate, hence creating a crease in the skin.
Cutting Techniques rely on fat, muscle and skin removal in order to create an anatomical defect which causes the eyelid fold to become more apparent.
*No Botox is allowed for people who had Blepharoplasty done before, this is what i learnt from the beauty consultant there as they had Blepharoplasty too. Because in return you'll have a shaggy eyelid, just like an old ahma(granny) eyelid. They can only maintain their face with skincare products, some of the skincare products can be compared with the effect from Botox!*

Side-Effects on Blepharoplasty!
Any possible side effects should improve after two to three weeks. The side-effects include Swelling / bruising of the face especially the eye area, Eye sensitivity to light, Impaired vision, Difficulty closing the eyelids. Surgeon will discuss the side-effect during your consultations and before your surgery.

Risk on Blepharoplasty!
Hematoma - More severe as it involves an accumulation of blood beneath the skin.
Retinal Detachment - cause from holes or even tears found in the retina and requires additional surgery to fix.
Ectropian - drooping effect and causes inverting of the lower lid and needs additional surgery to repair.
Risk also include Blindness, Blurred and Double vision.

Blepharoplasty pricing as cheap as SGD&BND$3000!~
Take a look at the Before&After pic of Blepharoplasty:~

Hope the informations i've given will help those who are considering to have Plastic/Facial Surgery done, don't be scare to let people know you did Plastic Surgery before! Think positive, it's just to make you look more confident and prettier. If people are using nasty comment about you having Plastic Surgery, just tell them this, I'm rich enough to have Plastic Surgery :)
Cheers to all my Beauties&Handsomes !~

A beauty pamper herself to be a beauty ..~

By Narcissistic Sophia · August 21, 2011 · 0 Comments ·


I did mention in my previous post that i was awarded with $100 cash voucher by Skin79 Brunei for winning the 3rd week of the Weekly BB Face,
click here to refer back to my previous post. Went to The Mall to collect my cash voucher yesterday and bought loads of items with the cash voucher !~ :)
exceeded the amount $100 given, so payed in cash for the money i exceeded which was i think $1 ++ only.
walked out of the Skin79 happily with the items i bought, as those are the items that i have long wanted !!!

Here are the things I bought :~

Rose Mist Toner~

This toner seriously smell nice with the rose aroma,
feels good
on your face after applying.

After washing face, spray it from 20-30cm away with your eyes closed.
Then tap it with your hand to make it absorbed.
Whenever you feel dry after putting on make-up, you can spray too.

Sue Hydrating Gel~

Generally it’s for dry skin or combination skin who’ve lost moisture,
but are not severely dehydrated
it's in gel form, therefore you dun really have to apply much,
about the size of 20cent coin is enuf.
you can differentiate how watery your face would feel,
after its fully absorded!
After using toner, put some amount(size of a20cent coin)
and apply it evenly on your face,
massage until it is fully absorbed by the skin.

Seaweed Cooling Gel~

Higly recommend this product, the moment i apply this on my face,
the cooling sensation makes me feels like,
Am i sleeping in a refrigerator?
This gel acts as a sleeping mask but u hav to wash it away,
after 10-15mins with warm water(26 degree celsius).
okay, i hav a vry vry dry, oily and sensitive skin which often produce red rash,
not rash but red smooth dots.
and seriously my skin positively reacts well with this product,
because i can see that my skin is absorbing water!
before washing my face, i looked into the mirror.
the gel became lesser as my face absorbed the water in it,
and after i washed my face,
my skin is like WATERLY and MOISTURIZED!

1) Apply a thick layer onto cleansed skin
2) Avoid eyes and lip areas
3) Wait for 10-15 minutes

4) Rinse off with lukewarm water

Mini Lip Gloss~

It makes your lip shimmering & moisturized.
and the colur would change to suit your original lip colour~

Lastly, walked out with a free gift.
Mini size of Hot Pink BB Cream, cute much <3

<p>readers, if you're also using products frm Skin79, try participating in their BB Face Of The Week
to win $100 cash voucher.
and rmb, your photo must be holding a product frm Skin79 and pls dun use FAKE PRODUCTS,
it must be a close up photo,
clear enuf to see your smooth,soft and cute face~
dun b like me!!! my pic is not really clear thanks to the i-touch =.=
read this for a clearer details if you want to participate, wish those who participated best of lucks ^.<


To be able to spend your life in your own way, is the only success ..~

By Narcissistic Sophia · August 14, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

have been inspired to plan for future, its kinda thinking too far because sometime things just doesn't go smoothly like how you planned.
but there's an saying~
Life isn’t worth living unless you’re willing to take some big chances and go for broke.
i used to treat wasting time as a leisure activity as i think i have lots of time to waste, but the ME who is writing this post now is definitely not a person who wastes time away like water flowing from a running tap.
i've planned a path for myself when i go back to singapore for my poly after my O's in brunei.
I'm a person who always desire the best for myself,
and yes i will never make regretful decisions, even if the decisions i made end up nasty, i will never regret because there's no turning back :)

and i have full support from my Anata (Joey Wong)
and favourite besties cum hubby (Nel nel / Ethan Chan Jun Xi) ..~
cnt wait to finish my O's fast, so that i can start fulfilling my plan and i know it will be tough because everything will start fresh! but then, i believe in myself. I dun wish for the best of the best, but i achieve the best of the best by myself ^^
wish me a bag full of lucks down the road!~

recently i'm really addicted to thai love songs, i go to sleep playing thai love songs =pp
i'm a mixhood, Thai + Singapore = ThaiSing~ but my thai language is not that strong, so i have a hard time understanding the meaning of the songs. well, i would just look at the Music Video to find out.. hahahahahas!
i strongly recommend you guys to listen to this few songs, they're my favourite !~
Yahk Roo Tae Mai Yahk Taam - Calories Blah Blah
Dai Yin Mai - Da Endorphine
Ruk Tae Doo Lae Mai Dai - Potato
Khon Mai Suay Pit Sa Moe - Am Fine
thai songs are mostly talking about how girlfriends betray their boyfriends or how boyfriends betray their girlfriends, thai songs melody are nice.
try listening to them, no harm~

anyway, i participated SKIN79 Brunei's BB Weekly Face, and I won the 3rd week selection, awarded with $100 cash voucher.. seriously gonna pampered myself like a princess by redeeming skin care using this $100 cash voucher from SKIN79 Brunei.
and i'm automatically in for the SKIN79 Brunei's BB Monthly Face, support me by liking my photo in their fanpage.
if i'm not wrong the prizes for SKIN79 Brunei's BB Monthly Face is $200 cash voucher from SKIN79 Brunei.
the procedures:~
1st, like their fanpage~

2nd, like my photo in their (Who do you like to win as BB Face of the month *August*)'s album.

OMG~ its like 2.19am now, i think its time for me to turn in.. Nights!

Clouds filled with stars cover the skies..~

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some people say i with my makeup on and without my makeup on they feeling abit different,
i think so too.. the different is the eyes actually, more sexy  =pp
really, i show you :~

believe liao leh?~ eye makeup is really important, you dun want to look slpy and tired
becuz of your eye bags and dark rings right?~
hahas let me share with you guys the procedures for my eye makeup..
i uses gel liner+liquid liner~

step 1: i used to cover my eye bags with concealer, but after using bb cream, i started to cover my eye bags with bb cream.
use your gel liner to fill your inner eyelid and then draw a thin line above the lashes start frm th middle,
after tat move towards the to th front..

step 2: use liquid liner at the tail, close your eyes and pull it backwards and a little upwards.
use the liquid liner too, to touch up near the roots.
it will look like this if did it properly, NOT TOO THICK! if not you'll look like PANDA EYE!

filling up ur inner lids is to look natural, of cuz u dun wan white blanks when u look upwards,
very ugly one mah ;D i dunno really use mascara, unless i wear fake lashes..
NOTE! *do not use liquid liner to fill inner lids, it will wash off when u blink ur eyes after a few times*
i'm also wearing my big eye lens !~

seriously i vry 爱美, i wear make up to sku de many ppl say i go sku is fashion show=pp,
and i hav to wake up 5.30am in the morning to get things prepared..
and can u imagine my hse to sku onli nd 6-8mins.. cuz i bath for 30mins n more !!!~ and plus more my class starts at 7.45am,
i can actually slp till 6.45am =.= but then, this is 爱美的代价!
but if sumtimes i wake up late then i'll just wear bb cream+sunblock+lip balm, and will just band my hair up if i wake up late,
cuz not enuf time to make my hair.. but i'll look damn DRAG! not a gud thing to look DRAG =.=
this is how i'll look in sku if i hav no time to style my hair :~

i tink i'm gonna turn fat so lor, cuz i'm so addicted to Ferrero's Dark chocolate.. cuz really nice ma, and not very sweet !!~

i started straightening my hair when i was primary 4 and i always dye my hair, end up my hair became so dry and with so many split that will tanggle whenever i comb my hair after shower, vry painful you know!~
but 2 years ago, i solved all my hair problem with this product, PANTENE TOTAL CARE SERIES !!!~
and frm then on my hair became soft, smooth and no split ends! and i lived happily ever after ;D

All you have to do is shampoo your hair, after that apply the conditioner after 1 min rinse it off, during the 1min i'll brush my teeth.
use the hair mask in step 3 twice a week only, apply a suitable amount (depending on thickness of hair),
and wait for 1-2mins, and then you rinse thoroughly. So while waiting, you can wash your face and soap ur body..

Pantene’s Total Care regimen is your one solution to 7 signs of hair damage. Offering protection against the day to day damage inflicted on your hair, it protects your hair against split ends, dryness, roughness, dullness, weakness, brittleness and tangles, leaving your hair moisturized, stronger and visibly less damaged within 14 days. Laboratory tests demonstrate a significant reduction of visible split ends up to 10 times less split ends within 14 days - with regimen use, compared to using a non-conditioning shampoo.
Trust me, you'll definitely feel the results after that!


By Narcissistic Sophia · July 31, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

i've been spending this few days with myself alone, lying on the bed like a DEAD FISH!!!!~
my noob body n weak immune system is juz not strong enuf to fight bacteria n viruses!!!~ well, and the same cycle, go to the doctor, doctor says drink more water dun stress out and finish all th anti-biotics =.= granny stories i can say~
but still, fever n dizzy-ness makes me so TURN OFF this few days..

ok, i've been seriously obsess with a taiwan drama, 犀利人妻 The Fierce Wife.. At first after watching this show, i bcame vry paranoid, lack of security, negative thinking and stuff.. got scolded by BFF becuz of this~..

ok la nao i've got my mind set straight, frm nao on, i need a 蓝天蔚 not a 温瑞凡 ..
let me explain..~
Why I Dun Need A 温瑞凡?
i nd a person who ONLY loves me, and not a person who loves me and also other girl~ a boyfriend or a husband's role is to LOVE and TAKE CARE of his girlfriend/wife.. not to hurt her and make her a joke to other people because you can easily fall in love with another girl..
a boyfriend or a husband should think, who's the best for him, who's the one that he really needs, who's the one that can take care him for the rest of his life, who's the one who worries for him day and night even when you're by her side..
i dun need someone who sleeps beside me, hugs me and kisses me but in his mind is the image of another girl,
一个男朋友只能爱女朋友一个,如果爱了上别人,就是背叛~  和别的女人在一起了,就是外遇,劈腿 !!!~ 比外遇更可怕的一种东西是*欺骗* !!!~
Trust is a important thing, but TRUTH is a much more important..~
男人们, 不要为了一时的刺激而做出让自己后悔的事。。 不要说会去找别的女人是因为现在这个让你觉得照顾她是一个责任而不是爱,是因为你爱她才会有这个责任,这是天职也是爱。。 再多的借口也掩盖不了爱激情,爱挑战,爱刺激的心态。。 这些只是暂时的,不是永久的!~
Why I need a 蓝天蔚?
a boyfriend/husband will not hurt his girlfriend/wife and also will not let others hurt her, he will protect her like a guardian angel.. worrying her always, loving her always, wanting to spend time with her always..
女人天生是让男人疼的,不是伤害,不是背叛更加不是欺骗 !!~ 如果是真的爱她,好好爱。。女人是口是心非的动物,她有时只是想你哄哄她而已。。

i'm goin to start waiting for my 蓝天蔚 from nao on, to be honest looks is really kindda important for me, i just look down on those ppl who says looks are not important to them.. dun tell me you don't go for looks if in your bottom of your heart is thinking differently, i will entertain you by agreeing but the words might just reflect to the air n blow away by the wind.. i would dare to say 70% people in the world see the face of a person before saying SWEET STUFF like,
I Love You At The First Sight .. i tink they should say I Love Your FACE At The First Sight :)

Nao, i wanna thank a few person, they're quite important to me.. they've been by side down the road always~~

Joey Wong, my ANATA..~
baby, sometimes the decisions i made will make u upsad and feel not worthy for me,
but you still will support me behind my back, then when i get fell and get hurt badly,
you will first minute lend me your shoulder and let me cry on..
Last but not least, thanks for all the advice and lending me your ears whenever i need it,
i really appreciate our friendship <3

Carrie Tay and John Tay, my akaliao sister and brother..~
wah say till like vry lian&beng uhs? hahahhas =p
thanks for tolerating my lame jokes and retardness..
and with you guys around i can just freely act out my foolish-ness,
making myself a 24 Billy in front of you guys and scaring you guys with this skill,
will make me feel so proud like i achieved something great,
and i can just laugh crazily like nobody's business when this happens ^^
ytd just watch Letter Of Death with them, Sukepuk!

Highly recommend this Dark Chocolate from FERRERO, BBF shud know my favourite is Dark Chocolate..
too bad that this brand muz b Halal, if Scott Whiskey or Black Label is added into it,
one word, HEAVENLY !!!~

today is the 1st day of Hungry Ghost Festival which means the hell gates is opened,
do bring your amulet with you wherever you go if you have one,
cause i bring it along with me in my bag even when it's not Hungry Ghost Festival, kiasu cannot meh?
hahahas, i'm scare of this type of supernatural things, and of cuz i know it's not good to play with..
please do not joke around during this month, sometimes accident and incident can happen supernaturally..
well, shud stop saying this type of supersitious stuff, it will juz make ppl feel so TURN OFF~